Rikai 理解 (りかい) – means ‘understanding’ in Japanese. iRikai was borne out of a desire to make quality education easily accessible.

iRikai's journey
iRikai’s journey

Why choose iRikai

Focus on quality – with our roots in Japan, we know the importance of quality. Our courses are based on content that is judged “best in class”. Our tutors are dedicated professionals with your best learning outcomes in mind. It’s why 99%+ of our students rate us “Very Good” and “Outstanding”

Personalized learning – we begin our courses with a free counselling / setup session where we gauge your specific needs and constantly tailor your course to your needs. Whether it is spending more time on some topics to help students catch up, or speeding things up to challenge advanced students – we adapt every session for an engaging learning experience

Transparent since 2014, we have been teaching students and conducting corporate training in a transparent manner. This is why major Japanese brands like RGF Select, Hitachi, Kose etc. have trusted us with their training needs in the past.