Why kids should learn to code

Why coding for kids

A lot of parents want their kids to learn coding because they come across lists which show programmers / developers top the lists of the most in-demand jobs or the most highly paid jobs. There are several studies which indicate that the jobs of the future will require creative approaches and rely heavily on tech tools for efficiency (as opposed to things that can be easily automated by robots) while many jobs that exist today will be automated away in the future. This means that while not every job will require programming skills, most jobs will require analytical thinking, creative problem solving, logical reasoning and collaboration.

Parents of young kids likely grew up when smartphones were not so common, internet connections were still in dial-up mode and mobile phones were for rich businessmen, They saw the Y2K crisis, witnessed the dot com boom and bubble and had front row seats to the explosion of e-commerce and smartphones. They also know of the disruption by new technology companies. These parents understand the importance of being tech-literate and digitally savvy for kids today. Today, for even very young kids, using smartphones and ipads to access games and videos is already easy. Yet, parents know that this alone does not mean their kids will be equipped for the future!

Learning to code, even in basic kid-friendly languages like Scratch, has been shown to assist children’s’ development in the following ways:

  • Learn numeracy through using variables and conditions
  • Learn logic through sequencing and using cause and effect
  • Creative problem solving – there are many ways to solve a problem, coding is an easy way to simulate several options.
  • There are also opportunities to learn how to structure projects, reuse components for efficiency, collaborate on projects with others etc.

Kid friendly programming courses can equip your child for the future and learn these critical skills in a fun and safe environment!

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